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Key Features

Delta Current Control VC1240 / VC1265 High Efficiency Pulse Width Modulator

High Current Capability

Short Circuit Protection

Overload Protection

Over-Temperature Protection

Under and Over Voltage Shutdown

Short Pulse Timing

Long Life

Hermetically Sealed

Patented Design

UL-94 compliant

Product Information

VC1240 / VC1265 Description & Details

This highly versatile controller was designed to be used in an automotive aftermarket fan application mounting to the metal fan shroud or add-on plate as the heat sink / heat rejection component. In other words, it mounts to the metal fan shroud or to a metal mounting plate that is attached to a plastic shroud.


Intended to be sandwiched between the radiator and shroud, this 2.1”L x 2.1”W x 11/16”D compact controller will fit in very small spaces using a simple hole pattern for mounting. Though small, the lowest power rated controller will comfortably control even the largest dual 12” high power fans with ease.


High power controllers are also available for up to 65A capability given a sufficient heat sink.


Made in America. Patent # 7.006.762

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