Our Designs

Decades of experience in electrical design, manufacturing, and mechanical interfacing

Along our path, we have learned many do’s and don’ts

These Lessons Have Shaped Our Convictions & Principles, and are at the Core of Every Design:

Safety First

We prioritize safety in all aspects of design and implementation including short circuit, over-load, and over-voltage protection.

Safety Second, Also

UL94 rated materials used whenever possible.

Made to Fit

Easy to use mechanical interfaces that use standard parts and tools whenever possible.


Circuit boards made in the USA, assembled by one of the best companies in the world, located in Silicon Valley, CA.

Top Standards

In-house electrical engineering design team with over three decades of experience.

Partners You Trust

Our first choice for components will be companies such as Texas Instruments, Infineon, Vishay, and similar Best In Class manufacturers.

Bringing Principles Into Practice

See Our Design Convictions in Action

Our design ethos goes into every one of our products. Check out what we’ve done so far: