Innovative Electrical Control Solutions

Small Business Innovation

American-Made, Consumer-Focused

Power Systems Management (PSM) is a self-formed small business focused on providing innovative solutions for automotive and commercial electrical control needs.


PSM was founded on providing our customers high-quality, Made-in-America power solutions and supporting products to help our customers succeed.

Collaborative Customizability

Specialized Solutions That Work

Specializing in both pulse width modulation and binary on/off control systems for applications such as fans, pumps, lighting, and other switching tasks, PSM offers a variety of low and high power options to meet the needs of the application.


Functions based on time, speed, temperature, pressure, and other feedback types can be accommodated to provide the required output strategy.


Function, component cost, manufacturability, and reliability are used in a collaborative effort with our customers to ensure hitting a mutual target: solutions that work.

Looking to the Future

Continual Innovation in Power Solutions

While we develop the future of power solutions, here are some options for learning about & working with us:

Our Designs

We take the utmost care and put safety & quality first, second, and third. Find out about our key design principles and standards.

Who We Are

Over three decades of automotive electrical and mechanical experience, so we’re hitting the ground rolling.

Our Products

Discover our newest products, with information from key features to full descriptions, to technical datasheets.

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